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Great Aussie Sports: Soccer
Great Aussie Sports: Soccer

Great Aussie Sports: Soccer









Soccer is a very popular sport in Australia. There are more than 1.1 million players and that number is growing. Australia’s national teams, the Socceroos and the Matildas, play international teams for places in the men’s and women’s World Cup competitions, and there are National Soccer League club teams participating in a formal competition.

Great Aussie Sports – Soccer outlines the rules of the game, field positions and skills. Player profiles of current stars feature throughout, as well as information about great players of the past. The various competitions at international and national levels are outlined along with junior programs for getting started playing soccer.

This dynamic series focuses on popular sports played in Australia today. The books place particular emphasis on the sport’s development within Australia, describing rules, forms of scoring, and the various levels of competition. Profiles of legendary players and competitors of the present and the past, and descriptions of the nation’s great sporting moments will inspire young readers, while accessible information about skills and training and the availability of local sporting groups will encourage them to ‘get involved’.

The books feature fact files, tables, field maps and extensive glossaries of sporting and technical terms.



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