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Redback Publishing currently publish around 50 books per year, many of these from established authors and illustrators. We understand how difficult it can be for new writers to get their work in front of publishers, we are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts to help emerging writers for children and young adults.

We receive a number of submissions, but are only able to publish a select few that will fit in with our publishing direction and market. We do read all submissions we receive, it will usually take up to two months to respond to submissions.

Below are some general guidelines regarding age groups and word counts:

Submission Guidelines

Non-fiction books for children and young adults

Redback Publishing specialise in publishing children's non-fiction books, especially those for primary to lower secondary school level that fit in with the curriculum.
We are especially looking for hi-interest, current topical subjects.

Picture Books

  • Maximum word length of 600 words
  • Text and artwork is to be supplied to near print-ready quality
Please Note: Redback Publishing is currently only considering picture book manuscripts that are submitted with accompanying illustrations.

Children's fiction

  • For beginner readers, aged 5-7, word length 5,000-10,000
  • For confident readers, aged 7-10, word length 10,000-30,000
  • For middle-grade readers, aged 11-14, word length 30,000-55,000
We are especially looking for new children's fiction that is original, fresh, with strong engaging characters, written with a flair for language, that will appeal to children.

Novels for young adults

  • For young adult readers, aged 14+, word length 50,000-100,000
Novels for young adults need to be extremely well-written and engrossing. We are looking for fresh, original voices and powerful storytelling. Graphic novels are also welcome for submission.

Please Note: If extensive editorial or design work is required Redback Publishing will quote and charge for this work under agreement.

Submission form

Please fill in the following form.

Picture book, chapter book, novel, plot, age etc.
(file formats accepted: PDF, .doc, .docx) Please contact us if you need help.

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